How to Remove a House Arrest Bracelet

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How to remove house arrest bracelet in just a few easy steps.
If you want to remove a house arrest bracelet then there are a few things to consider first. Removing it is an offense that breaks your parole and will easily put you back in prison. Things gotta be pretty desperate if you’re reading this and need to remove that anklet. So here’s a few questions I ask a guy I know who’s currently doing 90 days (as of writing this).

Here’s a Q&A on house arrest bracelets

Q: What is House Arrest?
A: House Arrest limits an offender’s movement within the community through electronic monitoring. House Arrest encompasses a philosophy of home detention, and strict accountability for any movement of the offender within the community, as approved by the Court or House Arrest office. House Arrest is used in lieu of incarceration in a State prison or County jail.

Q: Have you ever taken your house arrest anklet off? and how?
A: haha Well since you’re not using my name here, I have been able to remove it to go swimming. I was told by my P.O. not to get it wet. I believed him but he’s a dick anyways and is probably lying to me. So what I did was slide under it a steel rod about 2 feet long. Then I twisted it until the rivets or button things popped off. I totally panicked when I saw that but at least it was off. I then had someone goto a tailor and get the same kind of leather rivets and reinserted them.

Q: Who can be on House Arrest?
A: Any individual who is either pre or post conviction may be supervised by electronic monitoring, through legal assignment of a Court or Probation / Parole Officer. Cases supervised include offenders from the District Court, various municipalities, as a condition of bond, per the written directive of a Probation or Parole Officer, and via the Conditional Release program of the Johnson County Residential Center.

Q: How long does House Arrest last?
A: The length of House Arrest supervision is determined by the sentencing Court or entity. Sentences range from one day to an indefinite period. Typical terms of House Arrest supervision range from 30 to 90 days in length.

Q: What equipment is used to electronically monitor an offender?
Monitoring Equipment A: House Arrest utilizes electronic monitoring equipment (see image on right), installed in an offender’s residence, to verify each offender’s compliance. This equipment is used via phone lines, and serves several functions. Random computer generated phone calls to the offender’s residence provides the House Arrest department with a photographic response, a voice response, and a breath sample to ensure the offender is not using / abusing alcohol. The photographic response is recorded, verifying the offender is in their residence, as scheduled.

Q: Do offenders have equipment strapped to their body?
A: In some circumstances offenders are required to wear a tamper proof ankle bracelet, which electronically communicates with their home monitoring unit. This ankle bracelet notifies House Arrest any time the offender exits without authorization, and continuously confirms the offender’s presence within the residence. Ankle bracelets are utilized to strictly reduce offender movement, in conjunction with the photographic, voice, and breath response.

Q: What activities are offenders on House Arrest allowed to do?
A: Dependent upon Court orders, some offenders are strictly restricted to their residence, while others are allowed to maintain employment and approved activities. These activities would include educational programming, probation and parole meetings, drug testing, substance abuse and mental health treatment, and religious services. All movement must be scheduled and approved in advance, by the assigned House Arrest Officer.

Q: How is schedule compliance verified?
A: Each offender must meet weekly with their assigned House Arrest Officer to create a written schedule of movement for the week. Upon each weekly meeting, the offender must provide proof of their compliance via pay stubs, work schedules, receipts, verification cards, etc. House Arrest Officers maintain a high level of contact with offender employers and treatment providers to verify compliance, and complete random community compliance checks on each offender, at their residence or place of employment.

Q: What happens when someone violates his or her House Arrest?
A: When an offender can not be located, a four-hour non-compliance procedure is initiated. During this four-hour period many steps are taken to locate the offender, including a residence check by local law enforcement, manual calls to the offender’s residence and employment, and contact of the offenders listed emergency contact. If the client can not be located that offender is declared Absent Without Leave (AWOL). In all District Court cases, a warrant request is immediately completed, and filed with the Sheriff’s Department. With Municipal and Parole offenders, the referring Municipality or Parole Officer is notified immediately, and those individual entities initiate their revocation proceedings When violations occur and the offender’s whereabouts are known, a wide variety of sanctions can be imposed, up to and including the arrest and detention of the offender.

Q: Are offenders under House Arrest supervision tested for drug use?
A: Yes I have. Each offender receives a breath analysis each time the monitoring equipment contacts them at their residence. Each offender is also required to submit to frequent and random urinalyses testing, to ensure they are maintaining a drug free lifestyle. Drug testing is increased in cases of noncompliance, upon behavioral concerns, or when reasonable belief exists that the offender is possible using illegal drugs.

Q: What does House Arrest cost?
A: The cost of House Arrest supervision is incurred by the offender. Each offender is required to pay a daily monitoring fee of $12. Increase fees apply for individuals living outside the local calling area. Each offender is also required to pay for frequent random drug testing.

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There are 1,305 comments .

kyle —

my anklet just became active yesterday out of santa ana ca. if i go out of range does the anklet or unit beep or does it silently alert sentinal?

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    Brett —

    It won’t make a sound but it will alert Sentinel if this is outside of the programmed times. Which I suppose is what it’s designed to do really.

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    Harry —

    Hi jordan i’m also on house arrest and can totally understand your situation you on the other hand have only had to do 3 months you must think of it like jail with some privolages Yes usually you can go out of range but only for 3 minutes the bracelet is harder to remove mostly it can be taken off with a Hair straightner as long as it’s made out of rubber caution though that this will show signs of tampering when they come around to check it you need to be very careful not to burn it as i did but got off with a warning or burn your leg. Me too mate i got locked up back in febuary as i had only cut mine off but made no attempt at escape. I managed to get 3 breaches in as little as 5 hours. Also urine tests are a real possibilty always be prepared for that risk Think of the bracelet as like a seatbelt in a car most will click into place sometimes with a bit of force they can be just stretched off but they’ll know if you do it as they get alerted. My best bet is to never let them get the better of you as they have taken so much from you. Your freedom your status as a human is now lost at least till you end the detention. Be extreemly careful also for random breath tests alot of the time they’ll show up usually in the mornings so 9am till 12pm should be a no go zone (No drinking whatsoever) if you do return a positive you can say that you were on cough medicine i’ve used that one and got away with it despite having one beer. Another one if you are missing on partying is to invite your friends over they have no control over who you let into your home neither do they have the right to make you tell them. I’ve heard alot of shit about sentinal so just be careful. They get alot of false alerts going off so keep that in mind. good luck and we’ll see you at the other end or during this tricky period.

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    Harry —

    Hi Kyle yes usually your alert will go out silently unless you’d cut the bracelet off it will probably send an instant. Trouble is there are so many different kinds of house arrest the more trivial one is run by G4S

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joshua —

damn all you guys hAve it pretty rough im on EM (electronic monitoring) aka house arrest in New York. my braclet never gets charged i dont pay a dollar and im allowed to go to work. the worst part is staying at home when i dont have work. the can come to my house when ever they please … but they never do iv been on it fir two months. my boy who was on it for twelve months had a total of three visit when the power when out when he went out of range and one suprize visit.they only ba thing is im on em till Further Notice ny is scummy like that they wont even tell me a time to get off house arrest . i guess they wan me to fuck up … well fuck them they wont catch me doin a damn thing. And btw my braclet only motoniters distance through fm signals. not b.a.c. not drug use or anything like that

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joshua —

damn all you guys hAve it pretty rough im on EM (electronic monitoring) aka house arrest in New York. my braclet never gets charged i dont pay a dollar and im allowed to go to work. the worst part is staying at home when i dont have work. the can come to my house when ever they please … but they never do iv been on it fir two months. my boy who was on it for twelve months had a total of three visit when the power when out when he went out of range and one suprize visit.they only ba thing is im on em till Further Notice ny is scummy like that they wont even tell me a time to get off house arrest . i guess they wan me to fuck up … well fuck them they wont catch me doin a damn thing. And btw my braclet only motoniters distance through fm signals. not b.a.c. not drug use or anything like that a all

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jordan —

im on tag for 3 month, im missing partys after partys and at 17 its harsh, i cut it off ,but it got me locked up and they put it on again,any way at all how to get it off without allerting anyone?

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Nash VanZant —

Is there anything I can put over my GPS bracelet to jam it so they cannot tell where I am?

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Dyrek305G —

I just want to say .. that. all the F cops are a assholes. for. putting that. shit …. you. can. Easily cut it off with a big cutter …. then. u free … you. will just give. A finger. sing to the dumb cops ….

Reply »
Dyrek305G —

Whoelse that want took or cutt your bracelet just. hip. Me up duddetes ….

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stayjng focused —

I just found this forum and I’m so happy to know that I’m not alone and there is support for house arrest people like me.

Reply »
    Dirtyd —


    Im on house arrest compliments of CCDC in Chi. The bitch States Attorney wont let me off cuz I have 2 class 4 felonies pending, nonviolent. You were probably on the same shitty bracelet as me. How do I get this thing off without alerting the police? Or, if I want to make a run really quick how much time do I have? Im just thinking that I might have at least 2 or 3 court appearances until I get one of these cases resolved and that could be 3 more months. Where do i find more info about this ball and chain?

    Reply »
Juneway —

What’s up fellow house arrestees. I’m on ED up in Chicago and I must tell you guys that I received a year of parole w/ the ED. It has been the toughest bid of my life. I feel like the house arrest is another bid. The only thing that’s cool about my situation is that I ve only been dropped once. However, depending on your agent, it varies. Personally I smoke fat blunts of Cali Kush, drink all day, andcome and go ass I please. Funny thing happened one nite and scared me shitless; I snuck out ATT 12:40 one more and went to a club. These mf’s called my cell at about 1:30 (this is at night). I ran out of the club as fast and as far from the noise as possible. I answered the phone and the lady said that my box wasn’t getting a signal. I played my part and told her that I was in the house and I don’t know why the box would act crazy. I went straight home made it back before 2:30 wtf. I ve also spent nights out over my girlfriends house when the battery on my bracelet died. I go to the store at any hour as long as I’m back in 40 min because they call all numbers on the file. I have 7 Weeks left and On so tired of this shit. Don’t get me wrong. I hate the joint but,I feel like I should’ve just violated and get everything cut in half (they cut our time in half if we violate parole but when you get out there its no parole. Its finished. Parole is BS especially with ED. I tried to skip out of it with oil but it hurt too much. I tried to stretch the band but I don’t want to fuck it I. This is some stressful shit to deal with. I was gonna slip out of my bracelet and put out on a cat out or dog for the test of my time. I may see my PO one more time before I get off of this shit. But I will say this to all of you. Fuck the department of corrections and all the punk ass wardens, asst wardens, captains, lieutenants, sergeants, officers review boards, and finally all the snitches. To you fellows, good luck, be careful and don’t get caught

Reply »
john —

I want to remove mine so I can just fly back home to Peru stay there and never come back. I have court in december and might be looking at 10 yrs in.

Reply »
    Eva —

    Guess what John…..they….willl….find….you! They know your home, your family members, your friends, your line of work, your interests…..they …will….find…you! And an escape charge is seven years and places you at the highest level of supervision for LIFE!

    Reply »

    There are lots of identity changing possibilities if you look hard enough and are willing to pay(get tor browser and find hackbb)for your passport on the darknet.
    If you do a quick search for a signal jammer, that will temporarily do the trick, buying you time while you leave the country.

    1.Jam the transmitters signal once you leave your residence.(please remember it will also jam any other radio signal within frequency range of you)

    2. put the anklet ALONE on a train or a semi truck headed in the opposite direction, They will direct their attention towards this and keep you in the clear for atleast a few hours before they find it.

    3. Make your move to the nearest border(You can either sneak your way into the country on foot or take your chances with the fake passport and a vehicle which certainly speeds up the process.)

    4. Mexico can Extradite, So don’t get arrested “again” and move on to your PLANNED destination. (I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH TO PLAN YOUR MOVES!!!)

    5. Now you only really have 2 choices, plane or boat? Boat would be the best preference for you because Peru is so close to Mexican soil and they have MUCH less security. I you had the time, a Cruise would be your best bet, maybe you could even visit the Galapagos islands on your way down there.

    6. Get to your family and NEVER look back.

    Good luck. Hope this got to you in time.

    Reply »
    Robert —

    This guy telling you they will find you is a idiot. If you go to peru, they wont come find you. If you get arrested in peru, I dont know if the check internationally for warrants, but the USA does when your released from jail. At that time, youll be majorly fucked, spend months/years in jail in peru waiting to be taken to the USA. Then youll go to jail for 10 years, no extra time for running but your time in jail in peru wont count for anything. But since your looking at 10 years, might be worth it and peru may not do any international searches and youll be fine. Think it thru, you can NEVER come back to the USA.

    Reply »
    Robert —

    Oh and they will not stop you trying to fly, I was on trail for felony charges looking @ over 15 years total. I flew to two different states and even traveled to mexico during this time. There is no record yet since you havent been convicted of anything. I got off with 1 year in jail and 3 years probation after fighting my case.

    Reply »
Brent —

Have a mate on home d and has a bracelet on (Not GPS)There has been alot of false readings. It shows starting from around 4:30 pm and during the evening, the machine shows mate has been absent from property. We recorded and he was checked personally by guard and found to be here. How reliable can these machines and can a neighbour be using something that sets it off. We can’t see anything here because we have not used anything that corresponds with times

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rob —

im on this shitty house arrest in Tamworth uk ….. how the f*1!k can i get this of its only for saturdays witch is soooo stupid an guess what my birthday is on Saturday this month :( im double jointed but there’s still no way …any 1 got any ideas how to remove it with out damaging it ??? an noo im not a mad man thats wants to go out an kill people haha like wtf who puts a murderer on house arrest for saturdays aha come on !! some 1s gotta know a way :)

Reply »
Sean —

I need to find a way to take my bracket off so I can go and chill at night they don’t trust me so they put it on me ill b on for at least another month fuck that I want to slip out if it and b free

Reply »
geez —

Tell The P.o That you cant feel your foot n it hurts really bad they will loosen it then you can put a bag under it with lotion n slip it off im on house arrest now just hate the pain of taking it off so im just doing my time i got a lil 3 weeks but im looking out for you guys who been on for years n months

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I am a teacher attempting to assist a family who son is on an anklet bracklet.
Apparently, the mother has to maintain her phone bill,so that her son can be monitor at all times. Is their any financial assistance for the mother to maintain her phone bill so that her son can be maintained??

Reply »
jitterbug —

Im on house arrest for 6 months… I have the alochol house arrest braclet. Sux …never gonna have this shit again. Was woundering how often they come to ur house or piss test you?? So far they havent tested me at all….amen

Reply »
    Jimmy —

    i just got on mine today,same as yours. a friend of mine stayed with me while he was on his and they only came twice within a 6 month period but i would not count on that. and as far as urine screen i believe it was the same

    Reply »
tom —

wrap the base in aluminum foil and it will increase the signal which will allow you to go further. If you have the dual trak system..get a ac/dc adapter and just plug it up in your car. when you are actually at home just park close to the house.. and don’t ever go beyond 100 yards from the only tracks radio frequency…not gps.

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manuel pagan —

im on house arrest..shit sucks..if i puts something over it to block the signal it gives off that lets the pigs noe im home and complying with it, wont it stop them from reading the signal? and wouldnt that be just as bad as not being home?

Reply »
nn —

i have the bracelet, im on my 11th day n i have to do 56 i wanna take it off aredy n just go to the casino how can i take it off n put it back on when im home???

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hi everyone. im currently on house arrest for 100 days exactly and i use SENTINEL. i got sentenced in CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE court and i use SENTINEL DUALTRAK ||. I was just wondering if this modem is determined by GPS or radius ? cause tmr is 4thof july and i actually got my day off so i was wondering if i would be able to go out and just go home by my assigned time.

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Jeremy —

I have been wearing a bracelet for 2 years, it doesn’t bother me at all. I have Secure Aert with a steel cuff. I rather wear this than be in jail, eating their food, etc etc.

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Dee —

I’m on Em in ny state for probation it is a pain but I fucked up on probation. It just seems dramatic for a peti larcenys I was on for 5 months and then the case was finally resolved and I got three more months the judge said I was taking it to lightly. It is my own fault but it sucks in the summer

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